Get Fresh!!

Benton residents, Greg and Jessica Bennett, are getting fresh! Their new restaurant, Get Fresh Deli & Frozen Yogurt, had a Bossier Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting to celebrate their grand opening today, July 7, 2017. Get Fresh is a locally family owned deli, with an awesome menu. Greg says the Turkey, Avocado BLT is a favorite. Twelve flavors of frozen yogurt, sandwiches, wraps, salads and pizza round out the deliciousness. Catering is available and Greg is looking forward to connecting with the community.

Get Fresh Deli & Frozen Yogurt is located in the Bella Terra shopping center at 187 Burt Blvd in Benton, LA. Stop by soon and let them know I sent ya.

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Robin Williams

Be still my Flying Heart

Flying Heart Brewing is preparing to celebrate its grand opening. On May 1, 2015, you will get a chance to taste Bossier City’s first craft beer. Don’t hate me because I got a sip tonight. I tasted the Fire House Blonde, and be still my flying heart, it was quite tasty. It was a light and crisp Kolsch. I’m not a beer drinker, and yet I really enjoyed this beer. I think you will too.

Ben Hart shows the custom made flight

Ben Hart, co-founder, and as I found out quite handy guy, was so kind to tell me some of the history of the brewery. Flying Heart Brewing is located in historic and restored Bossier City Fire Station 6. I want to tell you all about it, but I’d prefer that you stop by on May 1st and let him tell you all about it. Ask him about the antique cooler and the 513 fire box.

Flying Heart does all brewing right on site in Bossier City. There are currently six flagship brews. Check them out. At their grand opening on May 1, you will be able to taste three of those brews. Louisiana Amber, Milk Maid Stout and Barrel 52.

Let’s celebrate this new business in Bossier City. Be sure to follow them on social media and show up for their grand opening on May 1. They are located at 700 Barksdale Boulevard in downtown Bossier.

That just happened,

Robin Williams,

Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes



Cold-pressed Juice

I have to admit that I haven’t been to work-out at my gym (Fit Nation) in a few weeks. (That means a couple of months in my life) I just returned from a trip to Mexico. While I was there I went zip-lining. It made me remember why I “should” work-out. My body is feeling the pains. So today I decided to head on in for a little interval circuit. Well Fed DoorHalf-way through my work-out, a decal on the door in the circuit room caught my eye. It was a decal that had a fun and funky wellness vibe. I couldn’t look away. It seemed as if it was saying “stop, come see me”, so I did and I found that a new juice bar had been added while I’ve been away.

Well+Fed Louisiana Cold-Pressed Juice just launched a soft opening in Fit Nation in the Heart O Bossier Shopping Center in Bossier City. I’ve considered juicing in the past, but knew that if I purchased a machine, it would end up collecting more dust than veggies. Well Fed MachineWhen I walked in I was greeted by Dany. Dany told me all about the cold-press process and also told me that they had sold out all but two jars of juice for the day. Dany introduced me to his wife, Lindsi Martin. Lindsi shares ownership of Well+Fed with Ashley Everage. Lindsi let me sample the  Carrot, Apple, Ginger Juice, which is “Roots #2” on the menu. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but I was surprised. It was a really nice combination and the flavors made my taste-buds explode. I’m not usually a fan of ginger, but I liked it . . . I really liked it.

Well Fed Menu BoardCurrently there are ten different juices on the menu. A twelve ounce juice will cost you $8. If you bring your empty jar on your next visit, you will receive $1 off the next juice. Lindsi explained to me that cold pressing retains more vitamins and good stuff than other juicing methods.

I’m bringing my $8 on my next visit and will be trying the “Fruits #1”, which is watermelon, grapefruit, mint and lime. I can’t wait! Now it’s your turn to stop by Well+Fed and tell them I sent you.

And be sure to follow them and watch for their grand opening dates:

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Robin Williams,

Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

Grilled Cheese in Bossier City Please!

TOM+CHEE Opening Day -  Grand Opening

TOM+CHEE Opening Day – Grand Opening

If you like grilled cheese and live in or near Bossier City, Louisiana, you are in luck. TOM+CHEE had their grand opening today. Oh, and they have so much more than just grilled cheese. Grilled Cheese Donuts? Yes, that’s a thing.

TOM+CHEE Opening Day - Francisees & Founder

TOM+CHEE Opening Day – Francisees & Founder

You may have heard about their awesome story and followed their success on the ABC TV Show “Shark Tank”, or one of several other tv shows that have featured them. In the event you haven’t heard about TOM+CHEE, let me fill you in a bit. Trew Quackenbush is the founder and master cheese mind behind it all. Corey Ward is the marketing guru that creates the fun atmosphere. Together they have made a dream come true. What started as a food tent in a Cincinnati public square ice skating rink, has now become a cheese empire. Trew began working at 15 in a family burger joint and had a dream of one day owning his own restaurant. At a backyard barbecue, Corey and Trew made plans to get the cheese grilled. Starting with $2400, the company is now a multi-million dollar franchised phenomenon.

TOM+CHEE Opening Day -  First Customers

TOM+CHEE Opening Day – First Customers

I had a few moments to speak to Trew at the grand opening of the Bossier City store. It’s super amazing to see this guy, who is probably worth millions, interacting with his newest franchised team. He is down-to-earth, approachable and seems to have a fun spirit. It made me so excited to know that there really are people who care behind franchises. Chris Currie and Josh Woodard are the franchisee owners of the Bossier City restaurant. As the “Marketing Maven” for Holiday Lanes, I enjoyed see their polo uniform shirts embroidered with their titles. Josh – “The Head Cheese” and Christ – “The Jedi Master”. What fun!

TOM+CHEE Opening Day - line is a good sign

TOM+CHEE Opening Day – line is a good sign

TOM+CHEE is located at 4200 Airline Drive, Bossier City. Their hours are Monday-Thursday: 10am-9pm; Friday-Saturday: 10am-10pm; and Sunday: 11am-5pm.

Make sure you follow TOM+CHEE on their local social media sites:

TOM+CHEE Opening Day -  Founder Trew Quackenbush & me

TOM+CHEE Opening Day – Founder Trew Quackenbush & me

Interested in more about TOM+CHEE? Here are a few links:

That just happened,

Robin Williams,
Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

Get your Pelican Parish swag!

Jeremy Johnson at Pelican Parish Supply Co. Launch Party (photo cred: Casey Habich)

Jeremy Johnson at Pelican Parish Supply Co. Launch Party (photo cred: Casey Habich)

Pelican Parish Supply Co. launches at Gearhead Outfitters in Shreveport

Pelican Parish Supply Co. launches at Gearhead Outfitters in Shreveport

So there’s this really cool guy that I know named Jeremy. Jeremy is an artist. Jeremy just launched a new line of really fabulous Louisiana inspired apparel and art. Pelican Parish Supply Co. touches a special place in my heart for my love of all things.”Louisiana”.

My favorite of the Pelican Parish Supply Co. shirts was the limited-edition "Sunshine" long-sleeve hoodies worn by Jesi Wilcox. (photo cred: PPSC Facebook page)

My favorite of the Pelican Parish Supply Co. limited-edition “Sunshine” long-sleeve hoodies worn by Jesi Wilcox. (photo cred: PPSC Facebook page)

You’re not going to find a fleur de lis in his designs. While the fleur de lis is somewhat of a given in most Louisiana designs, Jeremy is opting for a more unique approach. His idea is to “champion good design that features the iconic state bird and pays homage to our culture – all pieces are bold and a bit kooky, just like the people of Louisiana themselves”.

As is usually the case, I arrived at the first launch party of the week just as it was getting started at Gearhead Outfitters in Mall St. Vincent in Shreveport. (I’m always worried that I’m going to miss something if I arrive late.) There was already a nice crowd forming. It was great seeing people supporting a local artist. My favorite of the Pelican Parish Supply Co. shirts was the limited-edition “Sunshine” long-sleeve hoodies worn by Jesi Wilcox. I wanted to snatch it right of her cute little self. I’m going to do my best to get over to Great Raft on Thursday to get one of my own.

This week is Pelican Parish Supply Co’s launch week, so if you missed the March 24th event at Gearhead Outfitters, make plans to attend one of the other upcoming events:

Make sure you also visit the Pelican Parish Supply Co. Website to get your own PPSC swag; and follow their Facebook Page.

That Just Happened,

Robin Williams,
Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

Give a Flyp!

FlyplystHave you heard about Flyplyst? Flyplyst is a super hot new social media site that allows you to connect and organize the places you love with people you like in the Shreveport-Bossier area. Although they haven’t joined the Bossier Chamber of Commerce, I thought I’d still share a bit about this new business.

Rob Gaudet is the founder of Flyplyst and says it’s mission is to build meaningful relationships between business and consumers. After speaking with Rob, it’s apparent that he created this site with a vision of making sure that businesses and consumers are level in the social media playing field. Rob seems passionate about creating an online environment that provides consumers with a fun and valuable service that promotes local business. Rob won second place with Flyplyst at the Central Louisiana Startup Weekend in June 2012. This is a testament that Flyplyst has big potential for becoming a strong force in the social media world. Flyplyst Holiday Lanes For that reason, I signed up Holiday Lanes immediately to be in the founding partner program. It just makes sense to share in the fun!

Flyplyst’s online description is as follows:

Flyplyst helps you organize the places you love into custom lists, making it easy to choose a place to eat, shop or play with just a glance, when you’re on the go.


  • Promotions: View promotions from your favorite businesses, all in one place. Makes picking a place to easy!
  • Porchlight: If you’re bored, you can quickly connect with friends at your favorite places, using our Porchlight feature. If you want to discover new places, you can view the places your friends love by sharing lists.
  • Daycycle: We categorize businesses by the time of day that you and the business are most likely to want to engage.
  • Custom Lists: Create custom lists of your favorite businesses! Then let’s say you want Sushi, you can open your Sushi list and see all of your favorite Sushi restaurants.
  • Friends: Find your friends on Flyplyst and connect with them. View the places they love and add them to your own lists.
  • Facebook: Login to Flyplyst using your Facebook account, it’s fast and easy!

  • About Flyplyst:
    Founded in June 2012, we believe that technology should make lives better and that social software should be used to simplify the complex problems in our daily lives. Our ultimate objective is to help consumers and business owners engage in a meaningful and fun way.

    For Consumers:
    Flyplyst helps consumers easily remember the places they love. By presenting a businesses logos, Flyplyst enables at a glance decisions which can be made at the moment we are deciding on where to go eat, shop or play.

    For Business:
    In most retail business there are numerous opportunities for interactions with customers. The objective of Flyplyst is to develop tools that empowers owners and managers to make the most of every interaction.


    The FCrew will be there to help you navigate Flyplyst – Ray, Steve, Cindy, Katy and P.L.

    Currently Flyplyst is available via web and android app store. An Apple app is in development and will be released soon. If you are a business owner or manager, make sure you get your business lysted and think about becoming part of the Founding Partner Program. Contact Angie Stephenson at (318) 349-1088 or email her to get started today! If you are a consumer, sign up now and start lysting your favorite places around town! With hard work and determination, I’m hoping that Flyplyst escapes the Shreveport-Bossier area and goes global! Also, don’t forget to lyst Holiday Lanes!

    See ya around Bossier,

    Robin Williams,
    Bossier Chamber of Commerce Diplomat & Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

    In Case You Haven’t Heard

    When I was a kid, my dad told me that as I got older time would fly by faster. Boy was he right! It seems like yesterday that we rolled into 2012 and now the first quarter of the year is almost gone. As a Bossier Chamber of Commerce Diplomat, I am not required to write a blog about new businesses in Bossier, but I made a personal goal when I started to report on those duties. I’m not sure if time is really going faster, or I’m just slacking, but I have been falling short on my goal. I thought I’d better catch up before I give up all together. In case you haven’t heard about some of the businesses in Bossier City that have celebrated since January, here’s what you’ve missed:

    January 30Newk’s Express Café celebrated their Grand Opening with a Ribbon Cutting. Newk’s is an express casual dining experience in a refreshing and stylish atmosphere with an emphasis on freshness and flavor. Serving fresh tossed salads, oven baked sandwiches, California style pizzas, made-from-scratch soups and homemade cakes from Newk’s open kitchen.

    Ruth (Catering Manager) & Jeff (General Manager)

    On my first visit, I enjoyed the half sandwich and soup combination. The Shrimp Po-Boy was delicious. My personal favorite menu item is the Debra Pizza. A pizza topped with grilled chicken breast, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, roma tomatoes and pesto. Fabulous! I was impressed with the friendly service and the warm atmosphere. As info, the name “Newk’s” does not refer in any way to microwaved food, the name is a play off of the founder’s name “Newcomb”. Not to worry, the food is made and served fresh! Newk’s is located at 2501 Beene Blvd, Suite 100, Bossier City, LA, 71111. Check out their menu

    January 30Texas Classic Productions – Texas Classic Productions organizes and hosts Oil and Gas industry and special-interest related events such as expos, fairs and trade shows. TCO is organizing a Job Fair in Marshall for the Oil & Gas Industry, and while this is not a public event, it will have a 20 million dollar impact on our local economy. The services offered by Texas Classic Productions range from selecting a venue, developing operation plans, Database marketing and exhibitor services for Oil and Gas related companies. If your company is interested in setting up or hosting an industry specific exhibition, make sure you call Texas Classic Productions at 866-918-5550.

    Robin & Melanie accept Diplomat of the Year and Business of the Year Award

    February 2Bossier Chamber of Commerce Gala – The Bossier Chamber of Commerce hosted a Night of Stars, Old Hollywood Style on February 2nd at the CenturyLink Center. The Chamber rolled out the red carpet for their members and recognized the outstanding members and businesses that helped make 2011 a success. I was humbled to accept the Diplomat of the Year award, as we celebrate with Melanie Warkme, as Holiday Lanes receive the Business of the Year Award.
    2011 Bossier Chamber Awards

      Media Partner of the Year – Bossier Press-Tribune
      New Member of the Year – Stephens Services
      Education Partner of the Year – AT&T
      Chamber Partner of the Year – Barksdale Air Force Base
      Government Relations Partner of the Year – Cook, Yancey, King and Gallaway
      Community Partner of the Year – CHRISTUS Schumpert Health System
      Military Relations Supporter of the Year – Eldorado Resort and Casino
      Diplomat of the Year – Robin Williams (Holiday Lanes)
      Patriots of the Year – Tracey Hilburn, Bossier Parish Communications District #1; Officer Tina Smith, Bossier City Police Dept; Reverend Billy Pierce, Lieutenant with the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office; Chief Jimmy Phillips, Bossier City Fire Dept.’s Assistant Director of Fire Protection; Master Sergeant Jose Areizaga, 307th Bomb Wing; Staff Sergeant Stephen A. Lammers, 2nd Security Forces Squadron; Master Sergeant Carolyn D. Magsby, Air Force Global Strike Command; Senior Airman Adam N. Wells, 608th Air Operations Center; Technical Sergeant John C. Knight, 2nd Civil Engineering Squadron
      Business Person of the Year – Chancellor Jim Henderson, Bossier Parish Community College
      Business of the Year – Holiday Lanes

    Business of the Year, Business Person of the Year and Patriots are nominated by the Bossier Chamber Membership and voted on by randomly selected members. All other awards are selected through a nomination process by Chamber Committees and voted on by members.

    Jimmy Buffett in Bossier City

    February and March – The following celebrated with ribbon cuttings, open houses or ground breakings:

      February 3 Providence Classical Academy – Open House
      February 7Eustis Mortgage – Ribbon Cutting
      February 16Stephens Services, LLC – Ribbon Cutting (individual blog to come)
      February 22Hampton Inn – Ribbon Cutting
      February 29Margaritaville Hotel & Casino – Ground Breaking
      March 9The Joint – Ribbon Cutting (individual blog to come)

    Members network at Cash Point

    Kathy & Robin working the Boomtown TLA desk

    If you are looking for ways to network with other business people, the best way is through the Bossier Chamber of Commerce After Hours, TLA events. TLA stands for “The Last Appointment”. Usually held on the 4th Thursday of each month from 5-7pm, it is a great opportunity to Network with top business executives, who are the decision makers in Bossier/Shreveport. New members receive a 30 second presentation opportunity.

    The following businesses opened their doors in February and March for After Hours TLA’s:

      February 23Cash Point
      March 22Boomtown Hotel & Casino

    Now that I’ve caught up, I will try to post more frequently. It’s important to support local Chamber of Commerce Businesses. (BTW – Are you following them on Facebook?) I hope that you will join me in frequenting the businesses mentioned. If you haven’t heard, Bossier City is Louisiana’s fastest growing city and I’m proud to live here. How about you?

    See ya around Bossier,

    Robin Williams,
    Bossier Chamber of Commerce Diplomat & Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

    Fred’s Brings Year End Growth

    Fred's Super Dollar Ribbon Cutting2011 is near the end, but that doesn’t stop Bossier Parish from growing. Fred’s Super Dollar Store will help Bossier Parish see a year end growth in new business. Fred’s opened a new location in Haughton and celebrated with a community and Bossier Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting on December 30th. The fan fare was spectacular. I’d guess there were at least 100 people in attendance for the event. Supporters of the new business included everyone from local citizens, the Police Chief, Fire Department, Mayor and Representative Henry Burns. Haughton High School band and cheerleaders provided a pep-rally spirit. Fred's Super DollarFred’s expresses an interest to serve in both local and national organizations. Fred’s Super Dollar showed their interest in the Haughton community by presenting Haughton School’s with two checks for $1000 each.

    According to their website: Fred’s Super Dollar traces its history back to an original store in Coldwater, Mississippi opened in 1947, today Fred’s is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee and operates almost 700 discount general merchandise stores, including 24 franchised Fred’s stores, mainly across the southeastern states. With a unique store format and strategy that combines the best elements of a discount dollar store, drug store and mass merchant, Fred’s stores stock more than 12,000 frequently purchased items that address the everyday needs of its customers. This merchandise includes nationally recognized brand name products, proprietary Fred’s label products, and lower-priced, and off-brand products.

    Fred's Super Dollar Store

    Jeff Berg (Marshall, TX), Marlin McDonald (Jonesboro, LA) and Butch Willis (Haughton, LA)

    The vision of Fred’s is to see a smile on every customer’s face. With stocked shelves and several really good sales, there was no shortage of smiles on the faces this morning. Fred’s encourages their team members to provide help in succeeding throughout their organization. It was evident of the support as managers from other stores around the area were in attendance to cheer on Butch Willis, General Manager of the store.

    Fred's Super DollarThe Haughton store is currently a retail facility. There are plans and hopes for a pharmacy in the future. The staff is very friendly and helpful. What a great way to end the year. Bossier Parish on the grow! I encourage you to stop by, buy a few things, say hi to Butch and make sure you tell them you read my blog. Fred’s Super Dollar is located at 200 N. Elm, Haughton, LA 71037.

    Fred's Super Dollar

    Robin Williams and Lisa Johnson

    On a side note, I just want to tell you that I have enjoyed my first year as a Bossier Chamber of Commerce Diplomat. The connections that I’ve made in the community are invaluable. If you haven’t joined the Chamber of Commerce, I say “Join Now!”. But let me go further, don’t just “join”, get active. You won’t regret it.

    See ya around Bossier,

    Robin Williams,
    Bossier Chamber of Commerce Diplomat & Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes