Give a Flyp!

FlyplystHave you heard about Flyplyst? Flyplyst is a super hot new social media site that allows you to connect and organize the places you love with people you like in the Shreveport-Bossier area. Although they haven’t joined the Bossier Chamber of Commerce, I thought I’d still share a bit about this new business.

Rob Gaudet is the founder of Flyplyst and says it’s mission is to build meaningful relationships between business and consumers. After speaking with Rob, it’s apparent that he created this site with a vision of making sure that businesses and consumers are level in the social media playing field. Rob seems passionate about creating an online environment that provides consumers with a fun and valuable service that promotes local business. Rob won second place with Flyplyst at the Central Louisiana Startup Weekend in June 2012. This is a testament that Flyplyst has big potential for becoming a strong force in the social media world. Flyplyst Holiday Lanes For that reason, I signed up Holiday Lanes immediately to be in the founding partner program. It just makes sense to share in the fun!

Flyplyst’s online description is as follows:

Flyplyst helps you organize the places you love into custom lists, making it easy to choose a place to eat, shop or play with just a glance, when you’re on the go.


  • Promotions: View promotions from your favorite businesses, all in one place. Makes picking a place to easy!
  • Porchlight: If you’re bored, you can quickly connect with friends at your favorite places, using our Porchlight feature. If you want to discover new places, you can view the places your friends love by sharing lists.
  • Daycycle: We categorize businesses by the time of day that you and the business are most likely to want to engage.
  • Custom Lists: Create custom lists of your favorite businesses! Then let’s say you want Sushi, you can open your Sushi list and see all of your favorite Sushi restaurants.
  • Friends: Find your friends on Flyplyst and connect with them. View the places they love and add them to your own lists.
  • Facebook: Login to Flyplyst using your Facebook account, it’s fast and easy!

  • About Flyplyst:
    Founded in June 2012, we believe that technology should make lives better and that social software should be used to simplify the complex problems in our daily lives. Our ultimate objective is to help consumers and business owners engage in a meaningful and fun way.

    For Consumers:
    Flyplyst helps consumers easily remember the places they love. By presenting a businesses logos, Flyplyst enables at a glance decisions which can be made at the moment we are deciding on where to go eat, shop or play.

    For Business:
    In most retail business there are numerous opportunities for interactions with customers. The objective of Flyplyst is to develop tools that empowers owners and managers to make the most of every interaction.


    The FCrew will be there to help you navigate Flyplyst – Ray, Steve, Cindy, Katy and P.L.

    Currently Flyplyst is available via web and android app store. An Apple app is in development and will be released soon. If you are a business owner or manager, make sure you get your business lysted and think about becoming part of the Founding Partner Program. Contact Angie Stephenson at (318) 349-1088 or email her to get started today! If you are a consumer, sign up now and start lysting your favorite places around town! With hard work and determination, I’m hoping that Flyplyst escapes the Shreveport-Bossier area and goes global! Also, don’t forget to lyst Holiday Lanes!

    See ya around Bossier,

    Robin Williams,
    Bossier Chamber of Commerce Diplomat & Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

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