Art In Perspective: Fragelina at the R.W. Norton Art Gallery

I was super honored to be asked to give my perspective on Attilio Piccirilli’s Fragelina at the RW Norton Art Gallery. Take a listen:

If you live in or near Shreveport, Louisiana, let me strongly encourage you to visit the R.W. Norton Art Gallery. You will be blown away by the collections held in this exceptional museum.

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That Just Happened!!
Robin Williams
Marketing Maven, Holiday Lanes

Sometimes a Tesla just happens

Recently I was attending a bowling conference in Charleston, SC. While I was scanning the big conference schedule sign to find which ballroom to go to, I noticed a smaller sign with an arrow in the opposite direction that said “Tesla Test Drives”. I pointed the sign out to my friend and our curiosity was sparked. We headed down the hallway and found that the sign was meant for anyone interested in a test drive. My friend was interested and so we scheduled an appointment to drive that baby. When I was asked if I wanted a drive, I said “no, I’m fine”. I almost missed my shot at driving a Tesla – one of the most awesomely fast cars ever made, all because I didn’t think I should take advantage of an opportunity when I had no intentions of buying a car. (Working on eliminating the feelings of unworthiness but that’s another story) So I just rode in the backseat. It was super cool, but I began to regret my decision. The next morning I went back to get my test drive. There was really no point to this video, but I wanted to share the experience with you anyway.

Just some info about Tesla:

Tesla is a company that makes zero emissions electric cars, energy storage and solar roofs. While a Tesla is definitely in the category of high-end, luxury, expensive cars, there are currently Federal Tax Credits available in the amount of $7500 and Louisiana credits between $8000-$9000 depending on the battery size of the model that you purchase.

According to their website, a Tesla can be charged anywhere. The most common way to charge is at home. Plug in when you arrive and your Tesla will be charged by morning. If you take a trip, Superchargers are conveniently located along well-traveled routes. (I noticed Supercharges at Mall St. Vincent in Shreveport.) Tesla charging stations can be found at hotels and restaurants nationwide as part of their expanding Destination Charging program. Check out their website for a really cool charging estimator for range and comparison of price per mile.

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After test driving the Tesla, I realized that perhaps I CAN have a Tesla. I have a habit of thinking that I am unable to get things that are out of my current financial range, or that I don’t deserve it. It will take some responsible planning, but I think setting a goal of purchasing a Tesla (or another luxury car) is reachable in 10 years.

That Just Happened!!
Robin Williams
Marketing Maven, Holiday Lanes

Maurices is a must!

MauricesMaurices, a new fashion store, has arrived in Bossier City. Store manager, Candace Slack was on-hand to share the story of Maurices at a Bossier Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting on Thursday, October 20. Maurices has 744 stores in 44 states and is committed to high standards for fashion, value and great customer service. Candace made it clear that Maurices is community oriented and strives to make a difference in the local area.

Maurices My favorite thing about Maurices is the selection of sizes. They have sizes 0-24. How many of you bigger girls get frustrated when all of the bigger sizes look like maw-maw clothes? I know I sure do. But not at Maurices. The styles are oh so cute. The photo at right is one of the plus size fashions. Didn’t I tell you? C-U-T-E! Maurices states on their website that their styles are inspired by the girl in everyone, in every size.

MauricesOne thing that I found interesting after talking to the Assistant Manager was that while you are shopping in the store, the clothes are always grouped in what’s called 4-ways. (see photo at left) The idea is that when you stand in the middle of four 4-ways, you can pull from any one of the four racks and they will coordinate with each other. This is helpful for anyone who is fashion challenged. (like me!) Although the clothing is targeted for the twenty-something crowd, I promise – most women will be able to find something that they like. Along with clothing, you will find jewelry, shoes and accessories. For the grand opening, Maurices is having a buy one item, get the second item at 50% off. What a great deal!

MauricesMauricesMauricesMaurices is located at 2765 Beene Blvd in the Stirling Shopping Center in Bossier City. Three doors down from Target. They are opened Monday – Saturday 10 am – 9 pm and Sunday 12 pm – 6 pm. Stop by and tell them you read my blog.

See ya around Bossier,

Robin Williams,
Bossier Chamber of Commerce Diplomat & Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes