We Drank the Harvest

 Four slow-food minded cocktail crafters competed at Drink The Harvest: A Craft Cocktail Competition event sponsored by Slow Food North Louisiana in hopes of walking away with the big win.

The New Levee Serenaders set the mood for the dancing couples

The event was held at Sainte Terre, a spectacularly gorgeous event venue in Benton, LA.  A tasting menu by Chef Holly Moore Schreiber was paired with each cocktail.

Competitor: Albert Eiffes, serving his Shrossierac

Competitor: Brandon Fail, serving his Morning Dew

Competitor: Aulden Morgan, serving the Peach Dandy

Competitor: Angie Stills, serving her Shuqualak Satsuma Slinger

Drumroll please . . . 

Congrats to the winner! – Aulden Morgan

And the winner is Aulden Morgan (Zocolo) with the Peach Dandy. Congrats!

Want more information about Slow Food?

That Just Happened!!
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Marketing Maven, Holiday Lanes

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