Peanut Butter for Chimps


These chimps made me smile today!

Have you ever been to Chimp Haven? Do you know what Chimp Haven is? Before today, I knew what Chimp Haven was, but had not ever visited the facility. I’m so glad I had this opportunity and can share with you.

Chimp Haven is a non-profit National Chimpanzee Sanctuary located in Keithville, Louisiana inside the Eddie D. Jones Nature Park. They provide housing and humane care for over 200 chimpanzees who have been subjects of biomedical research and other purposes for which they are no longer being used. In addition, Chimp Haven is committed to educating the public about these endangered nonhuman primates and the needs for conservation in the wild and protection in captivity.

Ashley showed me around Chimp Haven. She's awesome!

Ashley showed me around Chimp Haven. She’s awesome!

Part of my job with Holiday Lanes is to build community within our area. It’s important for us to be a leader in cross-promoting other attractions and non-profits. What this does for us is to help us see beyond ourselves. By learning what other organizations are doing and offering, we learn how to serve in a bigger way. It also gives us an opportunity to share the sport of bowling with a wider audience. Today, I met with Ashley at Chimp Haven to discuss our involvement with their June Fest 2015 – Discovery Day. A bowling lane in the relay race it is!

This is Matthew.

This is Matthew.

Chimp Haven June Fest 2015 event is being held on June 20, 2015 from 9 am – 1 pm. June Fest is going to be a super fun day of activities and exploration. You will be able to observe over 50 chimpanzees in the natural wooded habitat. You can talk to staff about the chimpanzee’s personalities and natural behavior. There will be games and field day activities (INCLUDING BOWLING!).  The cost for the day is

  • Adult (13 and older): $6
  • Children (12-6): $3
  • Children (5 and younger): Free
  • Optional Behind-The-Scene Hayrides: Adults: $10; Children: $5

IMG_9873I want you to consider making the drive to Chimp Haven. I really think you will be amazed at the service they are providing for these amazing primates. If you are interested in helping Chimp Haven, they have opportunities for volunteerism, donation and participation. Check out the ways that Chimp Haven relies on generosity. 

IMG_9887So now, about this peanut butter. Ashley tells me that they are having a peanut butter drive during the June Fest event. Peanut butter is a great supplement to the chimpanzees diet. With over 200 chimps, can you imagine how much peanut butter they might need? Everyone is encouraged to bring a jar of peanut butter for chimps. There will be prizes for the person who brings the most peanut butter. Will it be you?

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That just happened.
Robin Williams,
Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

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