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IMG_9311If you are ready to amp up your fitness routine, I’ve got some news for you. My friend, Katie Q. invited me to join her for a fitness class at the new Altitude Trampoline Park in Bossier City. It sounded like fun, so I agreed. Thirty minutes before class started, my sweet friend bailed on me. “Should I go . . .?” I thought. “Yes” was the answer.  Boy! I was in for a workout like I haven’t had in quite a while. This class works out every muscle in your body. And while the class lasted for an hour, I only made it 15 minutes. (Yes, I’m a quitter!)

For anyone looking for a fun and intense workout, you need to check out Altitude’s fitness class. Classes are $8.95 per session (or $4 if you purchase 12 at a time). You will be required to purchase a pair of slip-grip socks for $2. I put those socks in my glove compartment in my car with hopes that I work up the nerve to go back (and Katie doesn’t bail on me).

Get more information about Altitude Trampoline Park:

That just happened (check out pics and video below),

Robin Williams,

Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes




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