Go see this documentary about fencing!

Andy Shaw

My son used to tell me about this guy called Andy. Andy taught fencing at Centenary College. Chase excitedly told me about all the famous people that Andy had taught and I could tell that Chase admired this guy so much. Chase taking fencing seemed unlikely, but he really enjoyed the community he had found with this guy called Andy.

I adore these two! Directos: Michele & Jay

So when my friends, Jay and Michele Carter, started promoting a documentary about this guy, Andy, I immediately knew I had to go. Tonight, with little knowledge of what I was getting into,  I viewed Jay and Michele’s Beyond Meaure Media production of “Southern Fried Fencing“. The documentary held the Louisiana premier at the Robinson Fim Center (RFC) in Shreveport. (RFC is one of my favorite places in Shreveport.) It played to a sold out crowd with all 126 seats filled.

After viewing Q&A with Directors and cast

I knew with great certainty, within a few minutes, that I was  going to like this guy called Andy. The eclectic Andy, from New York, drew me in and mesmerized me for the entire film. Without a spoiler for the film, my expectation, based on a news clip, was that this guy was a wacky soul. Perhaps, yet I found so much heart and wisdom in Andy. I now understand the excitement my son had brought home from Centenary. Andy is not just a fencing teacher/coach, he is a teacher/coach of life. Andy sees things a little differently than most. He knows how to bring out the potential in people. Jay and Michele captured the exact thing that we, as an audience, needed to see – the humanity of Andy. Andy has considerable compassion for people and animals.

If you live in the Shreveport area, I  encourage . . . no, I command you to go see this film at RFC by Thursday, April 30, 2015. If you don’t live in the Shreveport area, be sure to follow their Facebook page so that you can find out when it will be streaming online. DVD’s should be available by the end of the year which will make great Christmas presents. (Don’t tell Chase he’s getting a copy) Here is the trailer for the film.

I’m so glad to have seen this film and hope you see it soon too. Be sure to follow Jay and Michele on social media and as they head to Madrid, Spain to open there.

That just happened,

Robin Williams,

Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

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