What’s it worth to you?

Business Showcase Logo 2011If you didn’t attend the Bossier Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase today, you missed a great opportunity to mingle with some of the best businesses in Bossier and Shreveport. I’ve been a volunteer diplomat now for 9 months. In that time I have made many valuable connections. Each and every time that I attend a chamber function, I walk away with a new bit of knowledge. Sometimes it’s an idea for marketing, and other times I meet new contacts for sharing ideas.

The Mayor bowls at Business ShowcaseWhat’s it worth? I can’t pinpoint a dollar amount. I don’t always know specifically which customers I’ve gained. But here are a few things that I can truly say have been worth the time and money of networking through the Bossier Chamber of Commerce:

  • I’ve gained loyal clients that enjoy partnering with Holiday Lanes for staff team building events, parties and educational opportunities
  • I’ve met fascinating people who I have developed into business partners and sometimes even friends.
  • Making contact with businesses and services that I can trust. I’ve found that companies who are chamber members almost always care enough about their business to offer the best products and services.
  • I always laugh a lot – this alone is powerful. Laughter can create an atmosphere for fun, and fun is where it all starts
  • Did I mention there is usually super-duper food at the events (oh yeah, there is!)
  • Mark CrawfordAt today’s business showcase, I learned a few things that I didn’t know before:

  • The Shreveport Airport is a city entity. It’s not a big business owned by a mogul or other large company. I’m not sure why I thought otherwise. Their staff is comprised of city employees. They have no control over flight fares or specials, and so what I learned is that we should, when possible, support our local airport. When booking travel, check flights from Shreveport instead of driving out of the area for your travel. It’s important to support the local economy. Think about what our area would be like without the Airport.
  • I learned that Landry and Company is an awesome band and I’m glad they are booked to play at Holiday Lanes on October 14. Landry and Company is composed of dad, Steve Wilkinson, and his two sons. Landry is 14 and Cardis is 8. These boys are fabulous musicians and I’m so excited to see them sharing their talent. They volunteered their time tonight to play at the event and everyone loved them. It was fun hearing an 8 year old boy say, “here’s some 80’s music for ya”. Their commitment to the community is part of what I like about them. Next time you see them playing around town, make a point to go listen. These guys are going places.
  • Lisa "King Pin" Johnson & Robin

  • I found out that there are a whole lot of businesses that want to try out our “Play Therapy”. To paraphrase Plato, you will learn more about your co-workers in one hour of play than you will in a lifetime of conversation. Play Therapy works on building team-work, creating recognition, promoting exercise, reduces stress and allows businesses to have fun while sharing in team building activities! In particular, I’m looking forward to working with Venyu, Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries and David Raines Community Centers. They expressed interest in our fun and functional corporate team building activities. If I even get one person interested in our team building events, I consider my time a success.

    Lindsey "King Pin" and HunterI find so much value in the Bossier Chamber of Commerce. The networking, the community and the services. If you haven’t participated in any chamber events, I encourage you to do so. I think you will find them to be of great worth. If you are a business owner and would like more information about joining the Bossier Chamber of Commerce, stop by the offices at 710 Benton Road, tell them that you read my blog and want to get involved.

    See ya around Bossier,

    Robin Williams,
    Bossier Chamber of Commerce Diplomat & Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

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