Bossier City Alternative Fuel Station

Bossier City Alternative Fuel Station #2Bossier City celebrated the dedication and ribbon cutting of a second Alternative Fuel Station on Tuesday. The event drew a great crowd of city and state officials, along with citizens interested in flex fuel options. The Bossier City Alternative Fuel Station #2 building was designed by architect Mike McSwain. According to Mr. McSwain’s website, the design pays homage to the pop architecture typical of the of the golden era of automotive travel while also looking forward towards more progressive ideas of sustainability and environmental responsibility associated with using Ethanol and Natural Gas as automotive fuels.

Scott AngelleCompressed Natural Gas (CNG) and E-85 Ethanol Flex Fuel provides an answer to the need for an abundant, clean and affordable fuel alternative to reduce our current dependence on foreign oil. Because of the Haynesville shale, natural gas production in our area provides some of the most productive. It makes sense that we start exploring ways to tap into the most readily available resources. Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Secretary, Scott Angelle spoke to the crowd and explained that city officials applied for a grant and were ahead of the curve in taking advantage of the benefits of CNG. The commitment ensured that they received the grant. Mr. Angelle also said that he is “hoping, urging and working in Washington for people to embrace natural gas as a better alternative to provide fuel for American families”. Bossier City has a fleet of vehicles that are already being operated with the flex fuels. The two stations will provide a fueling place for these vehicles, as well as for the general public.

Bossier City Alternative Fuel Station #2The cost to convert a vehicle varies according to vehicle. Some websites show an approximate cost of $7000. State and Federal agencies have implemented tax credits for certain qualified vehicle conversions. The prices displayed at the Bossier City station today were $1.75 for CNG and $2.78 for E-85 Ethanol. When compared to the gasoline and diesel market, it proves to be beneficial. CNG costs approximately 50% less and emits up to 90% less emissions; and over time the costs for CNG have remained stable. According to although compressed natural gas is flammable, it has a narrow flammability range, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, making it an inherently safe fuel.

CNG is delivered to your vehicle in a very similar fashion as pumping gasoline, in approximately the same amount of time. The delivery method will require one to review filling procedures, but once you’ve filled up once or twice, you are on your way in an environmentally friendly fuel vehicle.

Bossier City Alternative Fuel Station #2The Bossier City Alternative Fuel Station #2 is located at 4250 Barksdale Boulevard. This station is in addition to the 2580East Texas location that opened in October as part of an initiative on the part of bossier City to provide a “go green” option. Stop by soon and tell them that you read my blog.

See ya around Bossier,

Robin Williams,
Bossier Chamber of Commerce Diplomat & Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

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