I wanted to give away $10,000

Bossier Chamber Golf ClassicIt’s not often that you have the power to give away $10,000. On May 6th, I had just that power. Well, maybe power is a strong word, but I at least was hoping to witness someone win $10,000. My day was spent watching the “Hole in One Shot” at the Bossier Chamber of Commerce Golf Classic. Home Federal Bank was the title sponsor for this Golf Classic. The tournament is a four-man scramble and was held at StoneBridge Country Club. It was a great day to network, build relationship and make new connections. The day started beautifully. The weather was mild, skies were blue and low humidity all made for a fabulous event. The biggest challenge of the day for me was dodging incoming golf balls and trying not to be attacked by squirrels residing in the tree that I was using for shade. I found out pretty quickly that the tree was both my friend and my foe. I had to sit just in the line of the tree to avoid getting a concussion from flying golf balls, but far enough away that the squirrels couldn’t jump on my head.

Each time a team pulled up on the green, I was hoping they would be the one to sink a hole in one. Boy, I wanted to see someone win that $10,000. That didn’t come to pass, but it sure was fun cheering them on. It was also fun to hear the offers I was receiving to say that they had sunk the hold in one. My best offer of the day was a 50/50 split of the pot. It was tempting, but I didn’t have it in me. Below are some of the golfers that were pretty darn close to winning (click to see larger version):

Bossier Chamber of Commerce Golf Classic

David Breedlove

Bossier Chamber of Commerce Golf Classic

Tom Glass & Team, yes . . . that is Mayor Walker in the stylishly cool hat

Bossier Chamber of Commerce Golf Classic

Kevin Odom, Tom Bordelon and Team

Bossier Chamber of Commerce Golf Classic

Bobby Rosset and team

Bossier Chamber of Commerce Golf Classic

Best and Last Shot of the Day - Let's just say of the liquid variety.

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