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Chris Jay and Sara Hebert are changing the makeup of storytelling in the South with – What started as a podcast has become a live storytelling event that crosses crucial boundaries in the community.

Chris & Sara are such a compliment to their community

Chris and Sara’s wide circle of friends is a deep well of diverse people who are submerging themselves into the sometimes unknown world of storytelling. If there is a glimmer of a story, Chris and Sara will shine more light on the subject.  Floating on hope that they just might have something to share, the storytellers rise up at each event, leaving us wanting more. It’s about getting everyday people to tell everyday stories. What’s amazing is the clarity that I’ve gained from listening to other storytellers. I’ve finally come to understand that we need to look outside of ourselves and see that there are folks just like us with trials, struggles, happiness, fears and accomplishments.  Many stories mirror similar experiences in my own life and I’ve been able to step out of my self-centered world where I think things only happen to me.

All Y’all Blog

I think it’s time for the big time NPR geniuses to scoop up All Y’all Blog and share it with the world. Could you take a few moments to answer NPR’s short and easy survey about you favorite blog of all time, assuming it’s All Y’all?

  • NPR Survey: Take NPR Survey
  • Enter the All Y’all blog link:
  • Select your favorite episode and enter that link as well.
  • Share the survey with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blog, etc.

Let’s try to get Chris & Sara the recognition the deserve.

This IS happening!

Robin Williams,
Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

April 6, 2015 – UPDATE! I was a storyteller in September 2014 and that podcast episode has been released: LISTEN HERE

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