So cool!

Kona Ice Ribbon Cutting

Kona Ice Ribbon Cutting

Imagine if you will a very colorful, one-of-a-kind, penguin adorned, tropical shaved ice truck arriving at your big event playing the tropical sounds of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. Then, think about the happy faces of kids when they are handed a cup of Fresh Shaved Snow. And, the best part of it all . . . they get to put on their favorite tropical flavors using the Flavor Wave spigot right on the side of the truck. How fun is that? Kona Ice is now doing business in the Shreveport-Bossier area and they are giving the traditional ice cream truck a run for their money.

Since Kona Ice is a roaming business, they held their ribbon cutting today at the Bossier Chamber of Commerce office. We all got to sample the wonderful flavors of Kona Ice and we each received a flower lei to give us that tropical island feel.

Kona Ice Ribbon Cutting

You can make your own, right on the side of the truck!

I tried my personal favorite, Cotton Candy. I heard others who tried a variety of flavors, including: coffee, wedding cake, grape, and the ever popular rainbow. Clint Lyons, owner & operator of Kona Ice stated that starting in April they would add a new 100% fruit juice line to their products.

Kona Ice is great for any type of event. From company picnics to birthday parties; VBS to school fundraisers. Check them out for your next event. You may contact Kona Ice by calling (318) 655-KONA (5662)

Kona Ice Shreveport-Bossier

Kona Ice Shreveport-Bossier

Tell them you read my blog.

See ya around Bossier,

Robin Williams,
Bossier Chamber of Commerce Diplomat &
Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

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