Stated travel intentions 

Vacation is on the horizon. So I have a few simple travel nuggets. 💡You are by no means obligated to follow them, but are welcome to if you like. So here are my stated intentions for the week:

  1. Have fun and be looking for fun. Share happiness & joy. Smile 😀 and laugh as much as possible, or at least until snot slings! Sing at the best of your ability 🎶
  2. IMG_0750If you see something along the side of the road that is too hilarious to pass,💰 we must stop for pic (as shown). STOP!👀 SEE! and ENJOY!
  3. Stress only creates more stress, ⁉️ so don’t stress
  4. If you have prescribed meds, 💊💉don’t forget to take them. Nuf said. (If they are good meds, share them). Lol, JK, kinda
  5. look for adventure 🚡but don’t assume or force everyone to like to participate in your adventure.
  6. Leave all judgements behind 🙉🙈🐵 (i.e. no judging me if I snore, have bad breath, or show too much cellulite) HAHA.
  7. Be grateful for nature 🌾🌴🐠🌙💧and good company!
  8. If we get lost, embrace it as an adventure and don’t stress.🚗 🚊 🚡✈️
  9. Just love and allow love to come to you.🎌
  10. Clean up the pee or 💩 on the seat you left behind.

Please feel free to add comments and suggestions.

That just happened.
Robin Williams

How many monster apples can you eat?

Boudreaux_rI have this really cool side job promoting The Chocolate Crocodile™ on social media. In case you haven’t heard about The Chocolate Crocodile, in which case I’m not doing an effective job, you need to know that it is the most fabulous candy/chocolate store around. They can dip anything (that’s legal). The Monster Croc Apple is their most popular specialty. More about that in a moment.

IMG_0318In 2005, Jim and Cyndi Ragon decided to leave their full time jobs in Minnesota, move to Bossier City, Louisiana and share their love for chocolate at the newly established Louisiana Boardwalk. Ten years later, they have opened two more stores: Cypress, Texas and Huntsville, Alabama. They are committed to bringing life´s goodness in an elegant, personal atmosphere. Their love extends by specializing in the finest chocolate and caramel delicacies covering the largest juiciest fruits and wrapped in the tastiest crunchiest nuts.

Here are some things you might not know, but should:

  • The Chocolate Crocodile™ uses only the finest chocolate to cover everything from apples to strawberries, peanut butter balls to twinkees, and anything between that you can dream. [If it’s legal – :)] If you don’t see it, they can custom dip it, just ask.
  • They make their caramel fresh, right in the store each day. Yes, homemade. It takes about three hours for each batch. That’s why it tastes so yummy.
  • choccroc4They dip approximately 1300 bushels of apples each year. That’s 83,200 APPLES!
  • In addition to their most popular Monster Croc Pecan Apple, they have 36 different varieties of dipped apples. Each start with a super sized Granny Smith Apple, homemade caramel and layers of chocolate, nuts, sprinkles or confections. (Consider trying the Margarita Apple).
  • Worried about how to eat a Monster Croc Apple? No worries, they will slice your apples so that you can dig right in. I’ve seen the knife, it’s big. Maybe machete is the better word.
  • 10906483_898323243541969_8634360711497633935_nLet’s talk strawberries and apple sizes. Have you seen them? Extra large may be an understatement. The Chocolate Crocodile™ special orders their strawberries and apples. Quality is very important to Jim and Cyndi. If they run out of the fruit, there will be no run to the corner grocery. The standards for consistency in size and quality are of the utmost importance.
  • IMG_6382The Chocolate Crocodile™ has chocolate tours available for groups. Jim, or one of the chocolatiers, will show you around the store, give you the history of chocolate and allow you to have a hands-on experience with dipping chocolate.
  • Are you a wine and chocolate lover? Well then you will want to book a Wine and Chocolate Experience at Jimmy’s Seafood & Steak inside the Margaritaville Resort Casino To book, contact Ashley Davis at 752-1455 or
  • They even doggie treats. Their non-chocolate treats are specially formulated so don’t worry about ill effects to your dog.
  • And the last point that I’ll draw your attention to is that you can order The Chocolate Crocodile™ yummies from ANYWHERE! Yes, they have ONLINE ORDERING. Check it out.

Today, The Chocolate Crocodile™ appeared on the KTBS First News morning show to discuss the upcoming Monster Apple Eating Contest that will be held at the KTBS/KPXJ Independence Day Festival. On-air personalities, Rick Rowe and Brian Fowler took a shot at an early challenge.

Who do you think was the winner there?

So now, let’s talk about how many monster apples you can eat. Let’s find out on the 4th of July. Head down to the Independence Day Festival at Shreveport’s Festival Plaza. 2015_Choc_Croc_Apple_Eating_FlyerThe Monster Apple Eating Contest begins at 3 pm on the Community Stage, under the Farmer’s Market Pavilion near the train depot. Adults and children are encouraged to give it all they’ve got! You will have 7 minutes to eat all the Monster Croc Apples that you can. There will be cash prizes for 1st thru 3rd place for both adult and children categories. Holiday Lanes will provide water for the event and has provided game passes for anyone who signs up, along with prizes for the winners. My good friend Thomas at Maccentric has provided the apples for the event. (good fit, don’t ya think?)

Sign up online now and don’t forget to follow The Chocolate Crocodile™.

That just happened.
Robin Williams,
Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

Push Ups for Charity

Push Up for Charity – this morning KTBS featured Fairway Independent Mortgage on the morning show about their contribution through its American Warrior Initiative . They will pay $5 for every push up that is done at the KTBS/KPJX Independence Day Festival, up to $25,000 and 100% will be used to support Shreveport/Bossier veterans.

The event will be held at the KTBS/KPXJ Independence Day Festival (July 4, 2015) at Shreveport Festival Plaza.

You can join teams or donate> Read more

That just happened.

Robin Williams,

Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

Welcome newbies

Check out those newbies

Check out those newbies

Welcome new members of the Bossier Chamber of Commerce. As you might know, I am a big advocate of the Bossier Chamber. It is my best source for networking and being active in our community. If you are a business owner in Bossier Parish or Shreveport, I really encourage you to join, get involved and participate in the Bossier Chamber. Tell them I sent you!

Katie, Ginger & Robin

Holiday Lanes was the new member orientation sponsor and I was excited to talk with the newbies on the block.

President of the Bossier Chamber, Lisa Johnson

I invite you to the TLA (The Last Appointment) After Hours Event being held tomorrow, June 25, 2015 from 5-7 pm at the Hampton Inn/Towne Place Suites at 1005 Gould Drive in Bossier City. Come on out and do some networking.

Follow the Bossier Chamber:

That just happened.

Robin Williams,

Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

My Two Dads

My Two Dads: Bill Rials and Mike Labry

My Two Dads: Bill Rials and Mike Labry

My Two Dads

Happy Father’s Day to all those amazing men who pretend to love the ugly ties, soap-on-a-ropes, FroggToggs and photo coffee mugs. I am so blessed to have had two.

For many years I was too afraid to speak about my two Dad’s in a sentence together for fear of hurting the feelings of not only them, but other family members who might think I love one more than the other.

My biological Dad and my Mom divorced when I was very young and then he died in a car wreck when I was 10 years old. Although I have few memories, the ones I do have are sweet. I remember his love for books, animals and nature. I often wonder what it would be like today if he were still alive. To Bill Rials I send Happy Father’s Day wishes to heaven, I think of you often with love.

Sometimes I feel guilty that I was so fortunate to have a super awesome guy who stepped in and became my Dad. It’s a rare kind of guy who can be a DAD to another man’s children, but that’s just what I got when Mike Labry married my Mom, Kathy. I can’t bring myself and will never call him my step-dad because that seems so disrespectful. He is the most loyal and honorable man I know. My DAD would lay down his life, not only for me, but for my children, Chase and Laura. I am so grateful and send love this Father’s Day!

That just happened.
Robin Williams,
Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes<

This is a re-blog of a Father’s Day post that I wrote in 2013 in honor of my two dads on my “Kindness is Never Wasted” Blog.