Summer is here at Mall St. Vincent

Summer has arrived and Mall St. Vincent is bringing fun and fresh food to the Shreveport-Bossier area. Every Friday (May 15 – July 24) from 5pm to 9pm, located in the parking lot near Fairfield Avenue Entrance. Featuring live music, fresh organic produce, artisan crafted items, homemade food products and more.

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Robin Williams,

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How fun are these carrots?

Love our awesome beach bag find

Fresh fruit and veggies!

It’s Red Nose Day

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.12.42 AMIt’s Red Nose Day and time to get in on the fun and philanthropy. I found my red nose at Walgreens and thought it was such an enjoyable and innovative way to bring attention to a worthy cause.

According to, Red Nose Day is a campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young people living in poverty by simply having fun and making people laugh. The inaugural Red Nose Day will be held in the US on May 21st, 2015. People across the country will come together to have fun and raise funds and awareness. The day’s events will culminate in a three-hour entertainment TV special on NBC featuring the country’s favorite comedians, musicians and Hollywood stars—it’s a show not to be missed!

Run as quick as you can to get your red nose at Walgreens. Don’t worry if you can’t find one, there are still lots of ways to get involved in your community by having fun, raising money and changing lives. Check out some of the ideas on the Red Nose idea website.

That just happened.

Robin Williams,

Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

Gifts are a SNAP at Enchanted Gardens

Without spoiling the surprise, I won’t tell you the name of the person for which I was looking for a gift. I’ll just say I stopped by Enchanted Garden in Shreveport with no idea of what I wanted to buy. That Deb Cockrell is one savvy lady. Deb owns Enchanted Garden and is one of the sweetest southern ladies you’d want to meet. She asked me a few questions and in a snap had a suggestion – Gingersnap Jewelery. Apparently this is the new rage with the gals and I’m too old or not cool enough to know.

Ginger Snaps are interchangeable and fun charms that you snap in and out of a variety of jewelry and accessories. They have bracelets, necklaces, rings, shoes, purses and probably more that I didn’t see. There is a limited selection of collegiate snaps for those who want to sport their favorite team. The best part about Gingersnaps is that they are so affordable.

While I was in the store, there were at least three people who came in just for Gingersnaps. So you better head on over and get yours! 

Gifts are a snap at Enchanted Garden, so shop local and keep up online with them:

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Jump for Fitness

IMG_9311If you are ready to amp up your fitness routine, I’ve got some news for you. My friend, Katie Q. invited me to join her for a fitness class at the new Altitude Trampoline Park in Bossier City. It sounded like fun, so I agreed. Thirty minutes before class started, my sweet friend bailed on me. “Should I go . . .?” I thought. “Yes” was the answer.  Boy! I was in for a workout like I haven’t had in quite a while. This class works out every muscle in your body. And while the class lasted for an hour, I only made it 15 minutes. (Yes, I’m a quitter!)

For anyone looking for a fun and intense workout, you need to check out Altitude’s fitness class. Classes are $8.95 per session (or $4 if you purchase 12 at a time). You will be required to purchase a pair of slip-grip socks for $2. I put those socks in my glove compartment in my car with hopes that I work up the nerve to go back (and Katie doesn’t bail on me).

Get more information about Altitude Trampoline Park:

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Robin Williams,

Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes




Laney takes flight at Holiday Lanes

pelicanlaneyI’m so excited about the new Laney’s Kid’s Club (LKC) at Holiday Lanes! Why? Because it’s all new AND it’s our own. For the past few years, we have been affiliated with a national program for our summer free bowling. Don’t get me wrong, the program was great and exposed lots of kids to bowling. It’s just that we didn’t have much control over what we were saying or promoting with the program. We wanted to offer something BIGGER & BETTER to our bowlers and that’s where Laney’s Kid’s Club comes in. LKC is a FREE year-round membership for kids 18 & younger that offers 2 free games bowling every day from May 1 – September 30. Not only is this great for the pocketbook, it’s a fun and fit way to keep kids active. ALSO . . . there is a family pass, a shoe pass and a school employee pass offer that extends the value and gives the rest of the family a chance to bowl with the kids.

One of the first sketches of Pelican Laney by Laurie (done on a train bound for Willie Nelson concert)

One of the first sketches of Pelican Laney by Laurie (done on a train bound for Willie Nelson concert)

I love the fact that I work in a job that allows me such creativity and fun. About a month ago, I was just about to sign up with the national program when my boss called and said that we were going to create our own program. I was fortunate that she is connected with other bowling proprietors around the country. My friend and marketing colleague, Rocky from Mel’s Lonestar Lanes, had made a switch last year and designed a program that was working. So I loaded up and headed to Georgetown, TX to pick Rocky’s brain. laney_bowlingLet me tell you, Rocky’s got it going on. After my two day visit with her, I was ready to take on the world. A month wasn’t a lot of time to design web sign ups, email marketing and overall promotions, but projects like this get me on a roll. The next thing I did was call an artist friend of mine, Laurie Jarecki, to design our mascot. Laurie was on a train bound for Austin to see Willie Nelson, but within a few minutes on her sketch pad, Pelican Laney was born. After several proofs, Laurie cranked out the final draft of Laney.  That’s when Laney took flight at Holiday Lanes.

So here are the details:

signupSign up kids online to become Laney’s Kid’s Club members. As a Laney’s Kid’s Club member, you’ll receive the following just for signing up:

  • 2 FREE Bowling games every day May 1 – Sept 30, 2015. (Awesome Approx Value $1530 per person)
  • Coupons emailed each Saturday
  • Exclusive Event Access all year long
  • A fun and fit activity – BOWLING is healthy!
  • LKC members who book their birthday party at Holiday Lanes will receive a free Laney t-shirt for the birthday child.
  • Opportunity to extend value by purchasing a family pass for up to 4 other adults in the household
  • $20 Shoe passes available to cover the entire 5 months of shoe rental with your bowling
  • & More to come!

ATTENTION TEACHERS: As a way of thanking teachers and school employees for sharing info about Laney’s Kid’s Club with students, Holiday Lanes is extending a FUN & FIT summer of bowling with 2 FREE games for teachers and school employees too. It’s free to sign up for a Teacher and School Employee pass

Bowling builds community. It’s a fit activity (burns lots of calories!) and so much fun. Laughter is guaranteed when you bowl. Our intentions with Laney’s Kid’s Club is to expose as many children to the sport of bowling as a healthy life choice. Holiday Lanes is a great smoke-free environment for adults and kids to play.

Make sure you are following Holiday Lanes to keep up with all the fun and fit stuff going on:

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Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes