Cold-pressed Juice

I have to admit that I haven’t been to work-out at my gym (Fit Nation) in a few weeks. (That means a couple of months in my life) I just returned from a trip to Mexico. While I was there I went zip-lining. It made me remember why I “should” work-out. My body is feeling the pains. So today I decided to head on in for a little interval circuit. Well Fed DoorHalf-way through my work-out, a decal on the door in the circuit room caught my eye. It was a decal that had a fun and funky wellness vibe. I couldn’t look away. It seemed as if it was saying “stop, come see me”, so I did and I found that a new juice bar had been added while I’ve been away.

Well+Fed Louisiana Cold-Pressed Juice just launched a soft opening in Fit Nation in the Heart O Bossier Shopping Center in Bossier City. I’ve considered juicing in the past, but knew that if I purchased a machine, it would end up collecting more dust than veggies. Well Fed MachineWhen I walked in I was greeted by Dany. Dany told me all about the cold-press process and also told me that they had sold out all but two jars of juice for the day. Dany introduced me to his wife, Lindsi Martin. Lindsi shares ownership of Well+Fed with Ashley Everage. Lindsi let me sample the  Carrot, Apple, Ginger Juice, which is “Roots #2″ on the menu. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but I was surprised. It was a really nice combination and the flavors made my taste-buds explode. I’m not usually a fan of ginger, but I liked it . . . I really liked it.

Well Fed Menu BoardCurrently there are ten different juices on the menu. A twelve ounce juice will cost you $8. If you bring your empty jar on your next visit, you will receive $1 off the next juice. Lindsi explained to me that cold pressing retains more vitamins and good stuff than other juicing methods.

I’m bringing my $8 on my next visit and will be trying the “Fruits #1″, which is watermelon, grapefruit, mint and lime. I can’t wait! Now it’s your turn to stop by Well+Fed and tell them I sent you.

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Get ALL Y’ALL BLOG the NPR attention it deserves

recommend to NPR

Chris Jay and Sara Hebert are changing the makeup of storytelling in the South with – What started as a podcast has become a live storytelling event that crosses crucial boundaries in the community.

Chris & Sara are such a compliment to their community

Chris and Sara’s wide circle of friends is a deep well of diverse people who are submerging themselves into the sometimes unknown world of storytelling. If there is a glimmer of a story, Chris and Sara will shine more light on the subject.  Floating on hope that they just might have something to share, the storytellers rise up at each event, leaving us wanting more. It’s about getting everyday people to tell everyday stories. What’s amazing is the clarity that I’ve gained from listening to other storytellers. I’ve finally come to understand that we need to look outside of ourselves and see that there are folks just like us with trials, struggles, happiness, fears and accomplishments.  Many stories mirror similar experiences in my own life and I’ve been able to step out of my self-centered world where I think things only happen to me.

All Y’all Blog

I think it’s time for the big time NPR geniuses to scoop up All Y’all Blog and share it with the world. Could you take a few moments to answer NPR’s short and easy survey about you favorite blog of all time, assuming it’s All Y’all?

  • NPR Survey: Take NPR Survey
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  • Share the survey with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blog, etc.

Let’s try to get Chris & Sara the recognition the deserve.

This IS happening!

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April 6, 2015 – UPDATE! I was a storyteller in September 2014 and that podcast episode has been released: LISTEN HERE

Glasses make a difference

My friends Jada and Summer joined me for the CORK Wine Glass Seminar

I’m not going to write too much about this because my friend, Jada, will have full coverage on her blog at Lovin’ This Life.

Quality glasses make a difference

CORK, A Red River Wine Event hosted a Riedel Wine Glass seminar on March 28th. The seminar discusses how wine can taste differently in quality glass. I was skeptical, but let me tell you, this is real life. It’s so amazing the way the shape, construction, style and quality of The glass effects the taste and smell.

If you ever get a chance to go to one of these seminars, I encourage you to go and get a palate education. Glasses really do make a difference.

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Robin Williams, 

Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

The Cinderella Project

Early morning line at The Cinderella Project

Anyone who has ever purchased a prom dress knows the dilemma. A girl dreams of the perfect dress. Has a dress in mind. Finds the dress and then either, a) it’s not available in her size, b) it’s not the right color, or c) the price tag is extreme.  Usually the size and color can be solved with a quick Google search, but the price often is the factor that crushes the dream. 

So when I heard about The Cinderella Project, I knew that they were making some girls dreams come true. This organization is providing free, yes I said FREE, dresses to high school juniors and seniors in Caddo, Bossier, Desoto, Red River, Webster, and Bienville Parishes. My daughter and I arrived at the event excitedly. The line was full of other girls waiting to find their dream dress. 


The event continues on Saturday, March 28, 2015. Check-in begins at 9 a.m. on a first come, first served basis and the doors will open at 8:30 a.m.  Each girl will be paired with a volunteer personal shopper, who will guide her through an awesome inventory of fabulous dresses during a magical 30-minute shopping appointment! Private dressing rooms will be provided.  

Make sure you follow The Cinderella Project on their social media:

Facebook: CPofShreveport

Instagram: CPShreveport

The waiting is the hard part

I’ll update with a photo of the dress my daughter finds. Right now, the wait is on.

That just happened,

Robin Williams,

Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

UPDATE: She found a dress!! Yay. What a wonderful event. Thanks to all those who make the event happen. 

UPDATE: Laura found her dress

The girl is HAPPY!

Grilled Cheese in Bossier City Please!

TOM+CHEE Opening Day -  Grand Opening

TOM+CHEE Opening Day – Grand Opening

If you like grilled cheese and live in or near Bossier City, Louisiana, you are in luck. TOM+CHEE had their grand opening today. Oh, and they have so much more than just grilled cheese. Grilled Cheese Donuts? Yes, that’s a thing.

TOM+CHEE Opening Day - Francisees & Founder

TOM+CHEE Opening Day – Francisees & Founder

You may have heard about their awesome story and followed their success on the ABC TV Show “Shark Tank”, or one of several other tv shows that have featured them. In the event you haven’t heard about TOM+CHEE, let me fill you in a bit. Trew Quackenbush is the founder and master cheese mind behind it all. Corey Ward is the marketing guru that creates the fun atmosphere. Together they have made a dream come true. What started as a food tent in a Cincinnati public square ice skating rink, has now become a cheese empire. Trew began working at 15 in a family burger joint and had a dream of one day owning his own restaurant. At a backyard barbecue, Corey and Trew made plans to get the cheese grilled. Starting with $2400, the company is now a multi-million dollar franchised phenomenon.

TOM+CHEE Opening Day -  First Customers

TOM+CHEE Opening Day – First Customers

I had a few moments to speak to Trew at the grand opening of the Bossier City store. It’s super amazing to see this guy, who is probably worth millions, interacting with his newest franchised team. He is down-to-earth, approachable and seems to have a fun spirit. It made me so excited to know that there really are people who care behind franchises. Chris Currie and Josh Woodard are the franchisee owners of the Bossier City restaurant. As the “Marketing Maven” for Holiday Lanes, I enjoyed see their polo uniform shirts embroidered with their titles. Josh – “The Head Cheese” and Christ – “The Jedi Master”. What fun!

TOM+CHEE Opening Day - line is a good sign

TOM+CHEE Opening Day – line is a good sign

TOM+CHEE is located at 4200 Airline Drive, Bossier City. Their hours are Monday-Thursday: 10am-9pm; Friday-Saturday: 10am-10pm; and Sunday: 11am-5pm.

Make sure you follow TOM+CHEE on their local social media sites:

TOM+CHEE Opening Day -  Founder Trew Quackenbush & me

TOM+CHEE Opening Day – Founder Trew Quackenbush & me

Interested in more about TOM+CHEE? Here are a few links:

That just happened,

Robin Williams,
Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes

I’m changing the title of this blog

Travel South USA Opening Reception with Meg Davenport and Jada Durden

Travel South USA Opening Reception with Meg Davenport and Jada Durden

Do you ever start something and never finish it? That’s how I feel about my blogs. I have been neglecting both lately. I’ve realized that the neglect of this blog is because I do so much more than just volunteer with the awesome Bossier Chamber of Commerce and the title was pigeon-holing me. I’ve decided to change the name of my blog from “My Time as a Bossier Chamber Diplomat” to “That Just Happened“. I’m hoping this will allow me to share more about all of the activities for which I participate. This blog will now celebrate and promote good stuff going on in the Northwest Louisiana community while I represent as Holiday Lanes‘ Marketing Maven.

If you subscribe to my blog, please be patient with me. I am going to try to back-post several events that I want included on my blog and that means you may get more emails than normal.

Sharing the Holiday Lanes message with the Bossier Chamber Board of Directors

Sharing the Holiday Lanes message with the Bossier Chamber Board of Directors

Working for Holiday Lanes is such a fun job. Melanie Coleman (managing member/proprietor) understands the importance of being in and supporting the community. She told me just today, “we are about to have the funnest year EVER”. This is exciting to me because as a “creative” it isn’t always easy to conform to a normal 9-5 position. Thank goodness she gives me lots of opportunities to work around that.

Showing my two posters displayed at the "See America" Exhibit at the Meadows Museum in Shreveport, LA

Showing my two posters displayed at the “See America” Exhibit at the Meadows Museum in Shreveport, LA

The reason that I feel the need to share a blog about events going on in our area is because I have this really goofy pet peeve. When I hear someone say (in a whiny voice) “There’s nothing to do around here”, I want to prove them wrong! So with that, I’m going to share, share, share.

I hope to see you around NW Louisiana,

Robin Williams,
Marketing Maven at Holiday Lanes